Today, everyone agrees that karting is the place to begin a racing career. But it’s not quite so easy as just jumping into a kart - and suddenly you’re on your way to becoming the next Lewis Hamilton.

Where should you start - and how early? What can you really learn from karting? How much transfers over to actually driving racing cars? When is the ideal time to make that move from karts to cars?

To answer those questions, we’ve assembled an all-star panel of drivers who know quite a bit about starting in karts - and making the move to cars.

So check out our latest video - and join Indy-500 winner Alexander Rossi, IndyCar drivers Conor Daly and Spencer Pigot, ex-F1 driver Rubens Barricello, new Williams F1 driver Lance Stroll and the latest Team USA Scholarship winners Oliver Askew and Kyle Kirkwood for an honest discussion on how to get the most out of karting.  

They explain the real deal. I think it’s a video that every kart racer - and karting parent should watch. is a free Online Driver Development program for aspiring drivers providing video tutorials as well as direct advice from today's top racers and industry experts.