Overtake of the Week – Jonathon Webb

The latest Overtake of the Week award goes to Jonathon Webb for a brave move whilst racing in Australia’s V8 Supercars series at the famed Surfers Paradise street circuit.

A narrow yet stunningly quick circuit, concrete walls are plentiful and overtaking opportunities are at a premium. Any move must be decisive if it is to be successful. Jonathon Webb, in his yellow Team Tekno Commodore, was exactly that as he passed Alex Premat’s blue Polestar Racing Volvo in the Gold Coast 600.

Having started down in fourth position, Webb soon moved up to third. Premat had started from pole position but had been passed early on to lie second.

Racing down the long, fast back straight, Webb was looking for a way past the Frenchman Premat. Heading into the right-left flick at turns seven and eight, he had managed to close the gap and place his Commodore on the left rear of Premat.

Fighting wheel-to-wheel into the section at 125 mph, Webb was unwilling to back down and entered the series of corners alongside the Polestar Racing machine.

As both drivers squeezed their way through the turns, they came extremely close, mere centimetres separating them. As they took the left flick exiting the section, Webb ran close to the inside concrete wall, looking to surge ahead of the ex-Formula One test driver.

Shooting out on to the next small straight, both drivers were positioned evenly side-by-side. Webb had done well to put himself in position alongside Premat but needed to finish the move off into the Beach Chicane, another extremely quick set of corners where drivers attack the curbs.

With a straight approach into the chicane, both drivers could still enter the corner first. However it was the Commodore, with the preferable line, that stood on the brakes the latest and nudged ahead of Premat.

The Volvo driver, realising the position was all but lost, sensibly opted to fall in line behind Webb and surrender third position.

It was a true racing example of bravery and determination from Webb. To attempt an overtake in such close confines and at such speed does not just rely on boldness however. It requires great car control, preciseness and an ability to envision the overtake and how it will progress. All of these things were on show from the 30-year old in this move and credit must also go to Premat for allowing Webb the room to make the pass.

Watch the move in full (at 0:25) here:

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