Overtake of the Week – Daniel Ricciardo

With the racing season coming to a close, we look back at one of the best Formula One overtakes of the year, with our weekly award going to Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo.

Dicing with his world champion teammate Sebastian Vettel in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Ricciardo on fresher tyres was looking for a way past. As he closed up on the back of the sister Red Bull down the main straight, Vettel jinked right to protect the inside line.

The Australian took to the outside as they headed into the chicane, with both drivers stepping on the brakes late trying to get an advantage.

The four-time world champion managed to maintain his position in front of Ricciardo as they exited the chicane. However, Ricciardo was now right on to the gearbox of his German teammate.

Sweeping through the next turn, a right-hander, Vettel once again positioned his car to protect the inside line for the coming left-hand turn. This forced Ricciardo, who was carrying greater speed and momentum, to the outside of the 27-year old.

However, the Australian understood that to pass his teammate he would need to secure the inside line. He therefore backed off the throttle slightly before attempting a cut back to the inside of Vettel.

He switched back to the left of Vettel without the German driver realising and was brilliantly placed to grab the inside line as they hit the brakes going into the next chicane.

Vettel realised his Australian teammate was on the inside too late and had no answer as they turned in allowing Ricciardo to secure the position.

The overtake garnered praise from large swathes of the public and media, with many calling it the overtake of the year in Formula One. Edd Straw, Grand Prix Editor for Autosport, said: “The way he backed out of the throttle on the run through Curva Grande when he was carrying more speed in order to reposition himself to mug the other Red Bull at the second chicane was stunning racecraft. Many would have simply kept their foot in, but Ricciardo out-thought Vettel. That was what was impressive about this.”

It was a great overtake in what was a brilliant year for the young Australian as he dominated his more prestigious teammate.

Watch the overtake here:

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