From the Bottom to the Top: Honda’s Racing Ladders

One of the classic issues aspiring drivers face is picking the correct racing ladder through which they progress their career. It’s not always clear which series a racer should aim to progress to next or even where that move will allow them to go in seasons to come. Honda is striving to change that.

The brand’s racing division, Honda Performance Development (HPD), is developing a linear path for racers to follow to the pinnacle of the sport, with clear progressions for open wheel, short track and closed wheel drivers.

In an in depth article on HPD personnel explain how they’ve created three Honda-oriented paths that give a clear route from karts, quarter midgets and saloon cars all the way up to Indy Car and prototype sports cars.

They also layout the benefits of Honda’s involvement at every step of the ladder and explain that it is possible for a driver to never have to move away from the brand’s cars and equipment from motor sport’s grass roots to the top of the racing world.

The idea behind the scheme is to try to keep the barriers to entry to professional motors port at a reasonable level. By creating a linear and clear path to follow and by being able to rely upon the support of a single manufacturer along the way, Honda believe they can help many aspiring achieve their goal of reaching the upper echelons of motor sport.

Learn more about HPD’s racing ladders here:

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